Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Design Style is Bi-Polar

Just when I think I've got my style nailed down (clean lines, contrasting colors, pale blues and turquoises with oranges and reds, simple, non-chaotic--see post below this one) I have to stumble upon these pictures from Marie Claire Le Maison, which have me wanting to live a more Bohemian lifestyle, and to become more free, and, in some sense of the word, *eccentric*.Oh to sleep near the floor, under a tent, ...or surrounded by walls wrapped in bright blue fabric underneath roses. And to have such a collection of strange objects that look perfect displayed on my walls...

Other images that give me this same feeling below.
From top to bottom:
2 Images from Marie Claire le Maison
Domino Magazine's Outdoor living
Wary Meyers Portland Maine
Wary Meyers Brooklyn NY
Moulin Rouge Poster, 1889
Polly Wreford from Sarah Kaye
Mel Yates from Sarah Kaye

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maggienikole said...

i love the second to last one!

thank you for your comment the other day. your advice is correct i am very sure! time will tell i guess. got a reprieve and haven't made a final decision yet... what a procrastinator i am!