Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some E-cards

I apologize if my posts are seeming kind of random, but I have been finding some really strange things online. These really crack me up. Perfect for saying something that you might actually mean. It seems these days it's easier and harder at the same time to stay in touch with people. Easier in the sense that you can stay in touch without actually communicating via sites like Myspace. Harder because no one feels they have the time to reach out. These are just perfect. (for anyone with a sense of humor)

From Someecards via Cool Hunting


Lisa said...

I was just thinking "her blog has gotten totally crazy and random!" I love those cards though and think I may send a few of them out if I have free time this afternoon!

michelle said...

ahhh, these are really funny, so totally appropriate too. I love it when someone just says the truth!