Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Karaoke and Work Don't Mix

Not sure how much blog-time I'll have today since it's a craaaazy workday here in the real world. Also, I'm trying to recover from a wild night out of listening to other people sing karaoke. I kept thinking I needed more to drink to get ready for that stage, but by the time I was ready it was getting to be really late and it was important that my friend go home to her family, and I go home to my Nerms (the cat).

Why do I feel the need to justify my not posting...this blogging is really addictive. I'll be back soon.


Giokazta said...

I will karaoke with you anytime! Especially with cute gay guys in the village.

LauraB said...

ha! Great! Next time we're going to get on stage, and we will skip the part where we get lost too.

Lisa said...

You didn't go on stage?! Who goes out for karaoke and does not go up....too aweful to listen to everyone else!