Thursday, May 17, 2007

Writing on the Wall

I may have known that peep toe flats would come into style, but I could never have predicted that the letter "A" I have hanging on my wall only because I had little else to put on the wall would also become trendy. A very tall friend took this "A" from a movie marquee one night intending to spell out my roommate's full name eventually (it's only 3 letters long). When we moved in together we decided we'd hang it because it's the 2nd letter of both of our names. Clever, eh? It is a conversation piece.My "A", and I'm playing around with locations for my Dkim prints by my tiny desk. Thats a WaffleHouse mug holding my pens/scissors/pencilsThese pictures aren't so great. Nerms was wanting some exposure. How do people stage their things/take such nice pictures so that they always look like they're living in a magazine? Case in point..."B" From Making it Lovely
"S" fom Nathan's Clean Slate on AT's Smallest Coolest"O" from Blue Bell Bazaar on Etsy
"M" and scattered letters: Images from Living Etc. Wall Office Galleries
One more! "Z" and is that an "M" too? from *Terramia* found today!


nanikaa said...

Last week I ordered the T letter from Blue Bell Bazaar on Etsy, the same green as the "O" below ! I can't wait to receive it ! Then I'll post pictures of it ! By the way, I'm completely addicted with typography and letters ! Your "A" is great, where did u get it ?

LauraB said...

A friend of mine stole that "A" from a movie theater sign. It was free! I can't wait to see your "T". Any reason you chose a "T"?

nanikaa said...

the "T" was more interesting than the "O" ! If I had more choice I would choose a "S", or "K", or "E", or "M", any complicate letters ! but i'm sure the "T" will fit my appartment ! can't wait to have it !