Thursday, May 10, 2007

Little Piggies

I've been seeing these little guys popping up all over the place. From Apartmentherapy to a blog called Shanghai Kiss. I kind of like them for decorating. They're not stuffy, they show a sense of humor, and they can become anything from the obvious bank, to storage for your electronic information. I think it was on Decor8 awhile back where Holly decided giraffes were going to be the new "it" animal. Well, my vote is for the pig. :)Ever wonder what kind of a pig you are? Try this personality test, it is really funny. All you have to do is draw a pig. My drawing is below, but be sure to take your own test before you look too closely, it might have too much influence on how you draw yours!
I don't know why this little pig turned out so sad, maybe it's because he has a short tail!

I've been asked to post a few "noteworthy" pigs. These are mostly noteworthy because they make me laugh....hard.

My sister's pig, his name would be Curby or something cute and chubby sounding.

My roommate's pig (looks a lot like our cat Nerms). She is an actress/singer, not an artist.

If you did this and want me to post yours, just let me know! You could send it to me. I could start a small pig gallery...though that wasn't exactly my intention with this.

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