Friday, May 11, 2007

Warm Air Rises and I'm on the Top Floor

It is getting warm here in New York. Well, actually, it's just getting humid. But living on the 6th floor of a 6 floor building, I'm starting to think the heat is attracted to us. Poor Nerms has been really upset about the heat. I hooked up the A.C. unit last night and she was purring in the wind-literally. She wouldn't leave the air conditioner's side. So I'm off on a quest to find a cute fan, so that during the day the air moves around a bit.

I found these on e-bay and just think they're way more attractive design-wise than the newer ones I've seen at places like Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target.
Anyone know anything about vintage fans, such as do they even work? How much should I think about paying for one, the bids start as low as $5.

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amy said...

wow good idea they are nicer looking than new ones.