Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taking My Mind Off Moving

It's hard to know that you are going to move in X amount of months (or 1.75 to be exact) because you can only get so prepared. I'm working on hiring movers to come to my 6th floor walk-up and pick up my things then drive them halfway across the country. Angela M. from Shelterrific might end up taking my bed frame for her upstate home (good luck with the inspection!) which would be great. Then there's packing, and purging. Then comes the hard part, preparing to say good bye to all of the great friends I've made since I moved out here years ago now, at 17.

So instead of thinking about packing, and moving, and walking up and down 6 flights of stairs a thousand times, and throwing myself a goodbye party :) I'm thinking about....
Mootful on Etsy
Ikea Stokholm Sofa table
Coasas Alarm clock
Urban outfitters Antoinette Fainting Sofa
DWR Nelson Wall Sconce
Twenty2 Wallpaper and silver chair from ?

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