Thursday, August 30, 2007

Creative Outlet

Just got home from my 4th day of mathcamp and feeling drained. In need of some creativity (algebra does not allow for much) I am back on the blog, though I swore it off. Quick post about an artist, Hope Gangloff. I can't remember whose blog I found this on, but I love these drawings. I think they're drawn from photos of her friends, but that's just a theory. Either way I love them.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Math Isn't Me

I should be practicing my algebra right now, I have a placement exam on Friday. boo. Instead I'm surfing the web for a large clutch which I read somewhere is the most popular fall item. I love Franco Sarto bags. While he's a little hit or miss, 2 of my favorite bags are designed by Sarto. This clutch would make a nice addition to my small collection.

And with that I'm going to take a few days to really study, so I will be back after the weekend hopefully!

Anybody remember how to solve quadratic equations? I sure don't.


I've been missing New York at the weirdest moments, like at night while studying algebra :) I looked up "homesickness cures" on a whim and some guy's #5 cure was to blog about it, how funny is that? So I'm taking my shot at it. I wish all of the people I care about most lived in the same state. Or even a few hours drive away would be nice. A lot of people (like Jess, and Michelle) have been moving lately, I'd be interested to know what you're doing to make the new place feel like "home".

Monday, August 27, 2007

Globe Spotting

I had the idea awhile ago to buy a good friend of mine (whom I usually refer to as gentleman from Astoria) a vintage globe. He is a classy guy who has learned much "in his travels" and could use a cool globe for his decor. Sharilyn's stuido housetore on Apartment Therapy LA was inspiring, she's got a huge collection of just what I was looking for. She's even thinking of selling some...maybe I should get in touch with this lady. Isn't that one black one so pretty with all of the blue?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Day of School

Today is my first day of (grad) school. Hurray! Have a great Monday everyone.

picture from here. I thought it was pretty cute.

Your Things Can Be Pretty

I really liked finding this considering I'm on such a tight budget when it comes to decorating. From At Home At Home, and on Style at Home, these 7 tips for making your space cooler are pretty handy.
"the power of placement"
"the right art in the right place"More on Style at Home...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Out and About

After enduring a sweaty night without AC because of the tornado that swept through Chicago and left 250,000 people without power, I am tired!! But I'm going to use one of my last free days before school starts to get prepared and buy school supplies. Have a great weekend everyone.

The image above is from DesignMyWorld.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Animal Morph Cards from Ferdinand

I'm a big fan of animals morphing into things, strange as that may be. These cards are so cute. The deer-fish card is so unusual, but still pretty with those colors. And the giraffe card makes me think that when 2 people (or safari animals) are meant to be, then they're meant to be.From Ferdinand.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School Shoes?

Am I crazy for seeing these and thinking I'd be the coolest kid in school if I showed up on Monday wearing them? Ha! I can hear certain people I know saying "What were you thinking!" and comparing them to the fanny pack I used to sport in college.

$20 on sale at Anthro.

Ok, but seriously, what do you wear on your first day of grad school?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thrift Inspiration

This girl has got a good eye for thrift store goodness and re-making things. On her "second hand corner" shot on flickr, practically every item was from a thrift store and super cheap. The credenza is Ikea, on sale, just painted white with new knobs. She is also quite a crafter.

New Blog and "Bad" Photos

Once upon a time I found a blog I really liked and forgot to bookmark it. Tonight I stumbled upon it again, and am so happy to be back and reading Laissezfaire. It is run by a Su Ling, a designer with a great sense of style. She has some really great finds that make me wonder what she's googling to find such cool ideas!

Deleted Images was a really fun site I found through Laissezfaire, where people submit their "worst" photos. You know how you usually delete those fuzzy images you take by accident, or in the wrong camera setting? Now they could have a home. Here are a few of the photos I found to be most interesting.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chair + Pillow

I just bought this chair from Ikea today. I'm pretty happy with it and will post pictures of it at my desk when my camera arrives back from New York. I'm thinking about getting the zebra pillow to put on it. Pillow is from Kanibal home via Designsponge.

Backyard Rain Party

It's kind of sad that this is the only picture we took of the whole set-up, but there was so much drinking going on I think people forgot to take photos! But my sister's engagement party went smoothly, even through the pouring rain. We got the blue tent last minute just as an extension to a really pretty white one. My mom did all of the table settings and candles.

Congrats Lisa and Mitch!

Shopping at Mom and Dad's

I took a spin through my parent's attic last night to see if they had a chair I could use as my desk chair. I didn't have any luck finding a chair, but I did find an awesome coffee table and a vintagey chair/stepstool from my childhood.

The table started off with a whole lot of blue paint on it which my Dad sanded off. We went out and bought a nice stain to go on top. Here's an action shot...
The stepstool needed a new coat of paint, so we picked up some oil-based red paint. I think I might buy some black paint too to fix up the little pull out steps.All in all some pretty nice finds. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Binth Art

It really feels like autumn here in Chicago this weekend. My parents threw an outdoor engagement party last night for my sister through the rain, and everyone had to bundle up! Crazy.

I saw this print and others on Binth and thought they looked like the weather here. For $85 each. Not so bad.

Tivoli Home

I was searching around for some cute pillows to possibly put on the chair below. But then the guy from Craigslist decided he needed to sell the chair with its pair. :( I really need to stop my Craigslist addiction. It leads to a lot of disappointment. Tivoli Home has some cute pillows and they're having a sale! It says on their site it only runs through August 15th, but the pillows are still marked down.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Hm. I just figured out that Costco sells furniture and other items online. And it's nice stuff too! I did a quick dresser search, and I found this one for $150. I could see this being used in like a modern nursery or something, not perfect for me, but cool that Costco sells nice stuff for ok prices. Not sure they do international shipping though.

Thomas Paul Deskcessories

I knew that Thomas Paul made really pretty silk pillows, but I didn't know he also designed desk and office accessories. These are really pretty. The desk trays are from Seejanework. The stationery sets are from What else does Thomas Paul do?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tag Encore

Julie from BelleVivir tagged me and I'm flattered. I was recently tagged, but decided I'd change this up a little as opposed to opting out, and put out just a few things that I'm either currently loving if that's ok :) Joy from OhJoy! has been doing these "currently loving" series that are really fun. True, most of blogging is describing the things we're currently loving, so I'll try to make these slightly different.

-I have lived in and have been loving this dress ALL summer. It is perfect for every occasion, with a belt or even a satin blue ribbon I've been tying around the waist.
-I am loving my campus! It is beautiful and so "campusy" which is totally different than going to college in NYC.-I am always loving Nerms. I take pictures of her doing just about anything. It's tempting not to start a blog about her.-I love reading blogs about other people's family lives. Like Sweet-Juniper. It feels kind of weird to know that much about strangers, but I can't help but keep reading. Does anyone have blogs they read like that?

New(ish) Shopping Bags

There are many variations of these out there, but I thought these were pretty cool. Super sporty, maybe too much so for my style actually, but I am going to be taking the bus/train/walking a whole lot more soon so who knows. These are very practical. From Susan Bijl, and found from coolhunting. I hear they are super trendy in Japan.

Oh and also, they are on Fredflare for $28.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Burden is what I feel about my current tax/loan situation. It's strange to say but I miss working. Like a lot. So when I saw this print "Burden" from Etsy seller Tummyache (not to be confused with Tummy-ache blog) I felt connected to the poor girl in the artwork carrying that stumpy old tree.

Here We Go Again

One more shot I'm giving to this whole dresser situation. I've decided on something taller and darker. This could be possible living room furniture too if I end up keeping it for awhile. It's $35 and possibly mine on Sunday. But I'm not getting my hopes up. Plus, I have no spending money. Turns out I owe New York State money after taxes instead of vice versa. Boo.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back and Blogging

I arrived back in Chicago today after some camping in New Jersey. It was a really great time, and much more dry than I expected. We grilled over a fire, ate fresh peaches from an award winning peach stand, and saw more stars than I've seen in years. I would post pictures if I hadn't left my camera in New York :(

So I'm back and thinking about desk chairs. These 3 are pretty similar and from 3 different places. Craigslist a supposedly Eames chair, C2b Milan chair, and Ikea Gilbert chair.
I like the simplicity of these desk chairs, reminiscent of school desk chairs. I'd love to have one and keep a pretty pillow on it as cushion. Pillows from Etsy: Kitchniche, Karen Hiltondesigns, Joom

Friday, August 10, 2007

Quick Post: Topshop

I haven't left for camping yet. It's raining in New York, so I expressed concern to my gentleman friend about how wet the ground will be when we're camping tomorrow. He so keenly noted, "It's the outdoors Laura, not the indoors." Right. So we'll be wet, and I'll be telling myself it's ok because we're outside, and that's what it's like to be outside after it rains.

So anyways, this jacket from Topshop is so cute. I love how it has just one button, though I think there are some hidden ones on the inside keeping it closed. How many dollars would this be if it's 55euros?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Long Weekend

I'm off to New York/New Jersey (yes New Jersey) to go camping for the weekend. It's strange now that I live in Chicago to be "vacationing" in NYC and NJ. Anyways have a great couple of days!


Just got back from a thrift store over on Lincoln and Halsted in Chicago. Children's Memorial White Elephant or something like that. Look what I found peaking through a bunch of ugly stuff! Too bad it's 4 inches too long...I'm getting so frustrated I just might give up on my dresser search.

2 or 3

I've been recently introduced to many new-ish blogs. I love finding new "friends", it reminds me of having pen-pals as a kid but much more instantaneous and you can have so many friends at one time. Here's one I just found today that I'm loving, 2 or 3 things I know. A recent designschool? graduate looking for a job bouncing back and forth from NYC to San Francisco (can't be all that bad!). A few pictures from her site that I'm loving.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pop Goes the Lomo

Ok. That title is really cheesy. But if I can't be cheesy on my own blog, where can I be? I first heard about Lomography from Nanikaa, who bought a Lomo camera and displayed some of her photos on her blog. Then from Sprayglue who found some really awesome Lomo photos on Facebook of South Africa.Lomography, which became was sort of hipster-trendy, has now gone pop. Atleast that's sort of what I think about things when they are sold at Urban Outfitters. Kind of cool that these cameras are now so accessible, but once everyone starts to take blurry, nostalgic looking photos, the look might become kind of boring.

Cameras from Urban sold for $38:More interesting Lomo photos can be found on Check out this site if you're unfamiliar with this kind of camera/photography, it's really pretty interesting.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Would Buy This If...

-I had my own truck
-Craigslist wasn't proving to be so shady
-I lived alone and didn't have anyone to tell me they didn't like my style

**$100 on Chicago Craigslist right now.

Closet Office Complete

I have to hand it to my Dad. He came over today with an electric saw, and a suitcase full of tools to set up my closet-desk. It turned out great! I'm so excited.