Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tag Encore

Julie from BelleVivir tagged me and I'm flattered. I was recently tagged, but decided I'd change this up a little as opposed to opting out, and put out just a few things that I'm either currently loving if that's ok :) Joy from OhJoy! has been doing these "currently loving" series that are really fun. True, most of blogging is describing the things we're currently loving, so I'll try to make these slightly different.

-I have lived in and have been loving this dress ALL summer. It is perfect for every occasion, with a belt or even a satin blue ribbon I've been tying around the waist.
-I am loving my campus! It is beautiful and so "campusy" which is totally different than going to college in NYC.-I am always loving Nerms. I take pictures of her doing just about anything. It's tempting not to start a blog about her.-I love reading blogs about other people's family lives. Like Sweet-Juniper. It feels kind of weird to know that much about strangers, but I can't help but keep reading. Does anyone have blogs they read like that?

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Sarah said...

Does Nerms always drink by straw? Your cat is amazing!