Friday, August 3, 2007

UPDATE: Not Mine :(

Apparently the man selling this dresser decided to sell it to someone else who wanted to buy it with the matching headboard. I am pretty disappointed. AND the people buying my shelves canceled on me. Craigslist really isn't workingout to be as wonderful as I was making it seem so beware!


ma vie en rose said...

Congratulations! The dresser is absolutely fantastic...I'm jealous, as I'm on the hunt for one myself. I saw a wonderful Heywood Wakefield dresser at the Sandwich flea market a few weeks ago - in *perfect* condition, but it would have cost $200 to ship it home and it was just a few inches too big anyway. Sigh.

How are you liking Chicago?

michelle said...

That is one hell of a score right there, let me tell you! WOW, I mean, like the deal of the year, I can't belive it, you have inspired me to prowl craigslist.

OH and I LOVE YOUR HEADBOARD, so beautifull!

LauraB said...

Thanks guys for saying nice things about my dresser (and headboard which I think I still might paint over!)

Michelle definitely prowl craigslist! Though I've noticed in chicago it seems things are cheaper. These sellers don't know how much people are willing to pay for this stuff.

Catherine said...

That is a fantastic buy I love that dresser and for such a bargain price! I love where you are going with the headboard ideas, are you going to change it again? I like the stripes idea.

ma vie en rose said...

Aww....! That's horrible. I always try to be cautious with craigslist. When i bought my cork lamps on there I kept crossing my fingers and didn't let myself get excited about it until I was actually at the girl's house to pick them up. It's such a great resource but a lot of it depends on the reliability of people.

BTW - Yes, Sandwich is in IL, it's about 2 hours west of Chicago. The next one is on Aug. 19th but I should warn you that their mid century furniture selection was not so great last month - the HW dresser dealer was one of the few. But it's generally pretty dead there in midsummer as many people are out of town, apparently the Aug. one is going to be better.