Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Moonbeam Came!

Leave it to me to put the wrong delivery address on my order from alarmclocksonline. I did a combination of my work and home address...yeah really dumb...but I tracked my package down to a little apartment building where it was sitting waiting for me in the front lobby. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but here it is, happy on my window shelf.

I accidentally set the alarm for 5am and the blinking lights did NOT wake me up, however the annoying ring that comes 5 minutes after the light flashing show did. (Note to self: reset cellphone alarm.)
Nerms smelling the flowers.

Dressing Up Makeup

I don't really like to buy expensive makeup. I don't really see the point. I love to browse through Sephora and all, but when it comes down to it, I'm perfectly happy with my Covergirl mascara (which I just realized by looking on the website won an award, cool!). I don't think it costs more than $5 at a drugstore.

However I would like my makeup to look prettier. I decided to dress up my bronzer, blush and coverup in patterns I really liked from magazines. Here's the result:
All it takes is a little rubber cement, some magazines and scissors!

Friday, March 30, 2007

US Waste as Art

I was doing some cool hunting and stumbled upon Chris Jordan. With all of the talk about the environment in general, but also about the use of plastic bags on sites like Scrappy's blog at Dominomag, I figured this was pretty relevant.

He remakes famous works of art using specific numbers of certain items that are consumed by Americans each day. Check out his site here for more information. Apparently the US consumes 60,000 plastic bags every 5 seconds! Geez, I'm switching to paper!
Close up of bags:The US also consumes 106,000 aluminum cans every 30 seconds.

It's Not You...It's Your Apartment

There was a hilarious article in the NYTimes the other day about people's apartments being major turnoffs to prospective...girlfriend/boyfriends? mates? spouses? Whatever, we'll just say turnoffs in general. Here are some of the shots that kind of speak for themselves.At least there is some hope for me and Nerms (my cat, more to come on her I'm sure)

Clocks and Things

I just found blogger Belle Vivir and am excited about what she's got going on. Another option in case my Moonbeam never shows...(actually, scratch that, it's £245.00! but still nice to look at)
Also, I have a small collection of white vases and things from places like Housing Works, Ikea, and other thrift stores. These would fit in nicely, these and clock from Thorsten VanElten

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Is Calling...

Before I can start thinking about new spring clothes, what I really need to do is buy a new pair of sunglasses. (and a bag and some shoes, but one thing at a a time) If there's anything smaller than my feet (size 5), it's my face, and sunglasses are hard to find.

I found these, of all places, on Dominomag's site. Just got a comment back from ritakonig and MUST call Julio. Let's hope they're in my price range.

Hi + Lo Artwork

On Decor8 this morning, there was a posting about an online mid century modern art and furnishings store. I know I keep talking about Whitetrash, but Hi + Lo sells very similar items. They're a little nicer, a little cooler, and a little more high end, sort of like Whitetrash deluxe. Though more expensive than postcards, here are a few of my favorite pieces of art.

Question: Is Jesus art tacky or kitchy, or just plain weird if you're Jewish...

This is a print by Leon Louis Dolice of New York's East River. If I had a favorite river, the East River would be it.
This is the best thing I found. It's so simple and cool. (and red and blue!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bathroom Love

This is totally random, but I saw this bathroom somewhere, doesn't really matter where because I don't have the $ or the room in my current bathroom to house this beautiful tub, but nevertheless it is really cool. Not only is it clawfoot, but it's red! Guess I have a little bit of a red thing going. Maybe someday my bathroom will have this tub, with lightblue walls.


After writing about Whitetrash, where I found my 1960s Puerto Rico postcards, I got a little nostalgic. I don't get down to the East Village all that often anymore, at least not before 8:30pm when Whitetrash closes. I started browing the site for "objects" which were always my favorite thing to rearrange on the various furntiure that was for sale there. It's kind of like a little home cluttered with the best of mid century modern furniture. Here are a few of my favorites from the site. Maybe I should get the Anondized Digital Aluminum Alarm Clock (middle) if my Moonbeam never shows up.

Wet German Red Vase-$75 (would make a good present)

My dad found one of these travel beverage kits in my Grandparent's basement when he was cleaning up one day. It goes for $40, which isn't really all that bad considering all you're getting: Electric Water Kettle, Glass Martini Shaker, Plastic Mugs, Stainless Spoons an opener and some clear lidded canisters.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Postcards As Art

There are many sites out there claiming to sell affordable art. There's Thumbtackpress,, Artasap, etc. But there is nothing cheaper, in my eyes, than a 50cent postcard. Stick a pretty postcard in a frame and voila! Insta-art. Plus, they each tell a story if you get into collecting. It's sort of like sending yourself a postcard from a vacation or time in your life. My sister bought me the orange Standard gas station from the MoMa store her last trip to Nyc. (thanks!) I bought these 3 at a cute little bookshop on an impromptu trip to Boston during the coldest weekend of the winter. The 2 on the far left live above my toilet in the bathroom.1960s postcards from Puerto Rico, where my postcard collecting began. I bought these cheap at a vintage furniture store I used to work at in the East Village, Whitetrash.

Big Ben Moonbeam Alarm Clock, when will you come?

I am still waiting for this Moonbeam alarm clock. I ordered it about a week and a half ago and it still has not come. I wish I could remember where I first saw this lil' guy, I want to say Apartment Therapy. I did a quick search for this item, and found it $5 cheaper on alarm clocks online than on sites like LLBean. It should be much nicer to wake up to flashing lights than my cellphone ringing. Is it even possible to wake up to gentle flashing light, as this clock promises?

Monday, March 26, 2007

My New Bed...yeah right

My new dream bed. If it only didn't cost more than what I make in a month...They tell you how much of your income you should spend on rent (1/3) but what are you supposed to spend on decorating the space that you're renting? Now I want to re-do my entire bedroom. Thanks designsponge.
Also found this lace on designsponge from secondhandrose.
Reminded me of my dream bed...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Salad Anyone?

Every now and then I put together a meal spur of the moment that makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing in the kitchen. Sure, tonight's dinner happened to be a salad, but I still feel like I deserve some credit. Here's a simple honey mustard dressing recipe I just figured out:

2tbs of dijon mustard mixed with 2 tbs of honey
whisk in 2 tbs of olive oil (slowly like they do in cooking shows)
add a little water if it's too thick for your liking

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Small Room

I have a very small room. I had to be very careful in organizing it so that it actually fits all of my stuff. The Ikea wardrobe was cheap, only $100. To make it less Ikea and more me I bought Anthropologie knobs, 2 for $18. For awhile I thought my room was looking pretty good, until I saw my rug on this flickr set. Looks like I have a lot to learn...

Welcome to my first post :)

Welcome to my blog! I created this to share ideas with others who have a limited budget and high aspirations for decorating their spaces, accessorizing their wardrobes, and making life generally more fun. I'm hoping to eventually cover all areas most commonly on my to-do-lists: fashion, food, and interior design.

For now I'll post (if I can figure this thing out) some pictures of old projects and things in the making. More to come soon!