Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hi + Lo Artwork

On Decor8 this morning, there was a posting about an online mid century modern art and furnishings store. I know I keep talking about Whitetrash, but Hi + Lo sells very similar items. They're a little nicer, a little cooler, and a little more high end, sort of like Whitetrash deluxe. Though more expensive than postcards, here are a few of my favorite pieces of art.

Question: Is Jesus art tacky or kitchy, or just plain weird if you're Jewish...

This is a print by Leon Louis Dolice of New York's East River. If I had a favorite river, the East River would be it.
This is the best thing I found. It's so simple and cool. (and red and blue!)

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mayor said...

i vote just plain weird for most of our tribe, but you can pull it off. youre so stylish.