Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Postcards As Art

There are many sites out there claiming to sell affordable art. There's Thumbtackpress, Etsy.com, Artasap, etc. But there is nothing cheaper, in my eyes, than a 50cent postcard. Stick a pretty postcard in a frame and voila! Insta-art. Plus, they each tell a story if you get into collecting. It's sort of like sending yourself a postcard from a vacation or time in your life. My sister bought me the orange Standard gas station from the MoMa store her last trip to Nyc. (thanks!) I bought these 3 at a cute little bookshop on an impromptu trip to Boston during the coldest weekend of the winter. The 2 on the far left live above my toilet in the bathroom.1960s postcards from Puerto Rico, where my postcard collecting began. I bought these cheap at a vintage furniture store I used to work at in the East Village, Whitetrash.

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