Sunday, August 5, 2007

Closet Office Complete

I have to hand it to my Dad. He came over today with an electric saw, and a suitcase full of tools to set up my closet-desk. It turned out great! I'm so excited.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks awesome. HOw is the rest of your room coming?

I think that you can make that dresser work with new knobs and a cool rug...maybe even a piece of fabric over the dresser on the top to give it a lighter color.

Sarah said...

I love this! I've got a new desk too, so will post about it sometime. I love to see how your room is coming along. And it's fabulous!

Giokazta said...

What a wonderful thing dads are. It looks great! What an effective space-saver too. Go you.

LauraB said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, new knobs and maybe a piece of fabric is a great idea. Much better than me obsessing over a new dresser.

Sarah I'd love to see you new desk. And thanks for your comments.

Giokazta! Missing you!