Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Math Isn't Me

I should be practicing my algebra right now, I have a placement exam on Friday. boo. Instead I'm surfing the web for a large clutch which I read somewhere is the most popular fall item. I love Franco Sarto bags. While he's a little hit or miss, 2 of my favorite bags are designed by Sarto. This clutch would make a nice addition to my small collection.

And with that I'm going to take a few days to really study, so I will be back after the weekend hopefully!

Anybody remember how to solve quadratic equations? I sure don't.


Catherine said...

ooh lovely clutch very autumn-like. Good luck with your exam I hope the study goes well.

Anonymous said...

Cute clutch! I must admit I am a purse addict. Good luck with your exam.

LauraB said...

thanks for all the good luck guys :) i need it.