Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Blog and "Bad" Photos

Once upon a time I found a blog I really liked and forgot to bookmark it. Tonight I stumbled upon it again, and am so happy to be back and reading Laissezfaire. It is run by a Su Ling, a designer with a great sense of style. She has some really great finds that make me wonder what she's googling to find such cool ideas!

Deleted Images was a really fun site I found through Laissezfaire, where people submit their "worst" photos. You know how you usually delete those fuzzy images you take by accident, or in the wrong camera setting? Now they could have a home. Here are a few of the photos I found to be most interesting.

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Spray Glue said...

Thanks for this post! What an odd concept, but even the mistakes have to end up somewhere. Good positive end I think.