Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Colors of the Southwest

In between beers and karaoke, I did have a minute to speak to my friend last night about *poof*. She mentioned that she thinks that a lot of things I post have a Southwest color scheme, which I never really thought about before. My mom is really into all things Native American, "Arizonian", and generally southwestern. She even had murals painted in our kitchen of different Native American scenes and used to hang corn husks as decorations. She has an extensive kachina doll collection too.

I did a quick flickr search for Southwest colors, and pueblos (I love pueblos) and found some pretty things. Looking back at my previous posts, it seems I do have a tendency for these kinds of bright colors, the blue and red combination, all I'm missing really is the wood or earthiness. I mentioned before that I've been looking for ways to add this element into my decorating.

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