Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Vintage Shoes +

I have really small feet. Size 51/2 American sized. That's why I love vintage shoes so much, apparently people had smaller feet back in the olden days. A few weeks ago I went with a friend to this really awesome vintage store in the East Village, Atomic Passion. Look at this shelf! I wish it were my own closet.
Here are the crazy 80s boots I was talked into buying for next winter.
Here are some of the vintage shoes I already own and love. They could use some TLC (especially the lavender ones). I particularly like how vintage shoes always have nice detailing on the toes...the lavender have cutout flowers, the blue a white threading, and the brown really tiny etching.
Absolutely Beautiful Things posted about Posh Vintage, which has some really cool looking shoes. Of course all of the ones I fell in love with were sold, but here are a few others. They sell all kinds of great things at Posh, really worth a look.
On a side note, here is a pretty necklace that I bought for $3 at a thrift store when I was in Chicago. I haven't taken it off since I got it (except to take this awkward picture, how do you take a good picture of jewelry??)


Anonymous said...

pic is good you should have modeled it though ha

LauraB said...

I had a picture of me modelling it all ready to go and then took it down last minute, just seemed weird!

Douglas said...

yea that woulda been weird, but i love those 80s boots. theyd look great with a fannypack.