Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Jewelry Storage vs. Jewelry Showcase

I read a post on blog Jane D'avril yesterday about how she likes the idea of having jewelry draping out of a decorative item.

Well...that got me thinking to my own jewelry storage which has been an evolving process. There was a time when I kept everything organized in one place and would carefully reorganize when necessary. Then I graduated college and got a job and *poof* (yes, I do use that word in real sentences sometimes) all of my free time disappeared and it made more sense to be able to grab and go.

This shelf/hooks hold all of my necklaces. I have my Mom to thank for most of them. It used to be that when I'd go through her jewelry and she'd be pretty mad, but now if I see something I like she usually says, "Take it! I never wear it!"
My favorite red jewelry box. I hide buttons, rings, and things I never wear in here.
I store bangles, watches, and even earrings along the edge of this vase. I got it for $4 at a thrift shop and it has had many uses since.
Oooh and look. West Elm is having a little sale on some things you could use to store jewelry. Check it out, 3 different sizes between $6 and $30.
What would be prettier than the shabby chic hooks I have hanging my necklaces? Any and all of these Anthropologie hooks. I tried to pick out some less expensive ones...Nothing here is over $24.Instead of a vase for bangles and things, why not a plate, or a mushroom vase? This is too cute, via Armas Design, sold on Doe. I think the plate might not be available anymore, but the mushroom vase is $22.


Nancy said...

I've actually been looking for some motivation to re-organize my jewelry. its been in a huge pile in my jewelry box for years. this post might just do the trick! those anthropologie hooks are perfect.

LauraB said...

Oh great, let me know what you end up doing with your jewelry then,

Sara said...

Your jewelry is so pretty and looks great how you've stored/decorated it! Love the metallic West Elm boxes, too!

Ashley L. said...

these hooks are great! i hope you don't mind but i'm going to use them in my jewelry display post (with credit to you of course)! i'm loving the blog! thanks for the inspiration!!! :)