Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Papier Peint and French Design

I might be the last person in the world to have figured out how cool European magazines are. I just discovered Marie Clare le maison, and LOVE it. I finally figured out where this image came from:
In the same section in Elle Masion magazine's site, are other things you can do with Papier Peint, which I can only assume is wall paper. I had a discussion with Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things about whether or not the image above was indeed wallpaper, and it seems it might be fabric. So I'm left wondering, what the true definition of "Papier Peint" is. Paper paint? (French bloggers help me!)
This last image is my favorite. I love how the wallpaper design is not even the focal point. This mix of burnt orange and pale blue is sooo pretty.


nanikaa said...

hi ! i do receive this magazine at home every month, one of my favorite about home and decoration we have in france !
Papier peint is wall paper and not "fabric" (which is "tissu" !)

LauraB said...

Yay, thanks Nanikaa! I was hoping you would read that :) Thanks for clearing that up for me.