Monday, May 28, 2007

Vintage Fan: Found $5!

Awhile ago I was thinking about buying a vintage fan on E-bay.(Click here) I had almost given up the idea when as I'm walking to the subway close to 96th street I come across some sort of (illegal) street sale where a man was just selling a whole bunch of random items on the corner. One of these items was a vintage fan. Actually, it was one of the exact ones I'd been looking at on E-bay. I bought it for $5. It runs so well for such an old thing! Only downside is it's slightly dangerous, mostly because of my cat. It doesn't really have the guardrails that modern fans now have, which is also why its design is so much cooler. I'm going to repaint it.

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CXpressions said...

That's a great little find you got there! Collectors are getting their hands on these more and the supply is dwindling. Yours appears to be one that would have been sold in drug stores at lower prices than those found elsewhere. It may not be worth as much to collectors as a result but it is definitely chic and fits in great with your decor! Several leading magazines featured these type in their interior design sections so good job!