Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dkim Prints Arrived

I just received my Dkim prints from Etsy, only one of them is not the one that I ordered. Instead of Lady Hitchcock, I now have "Le Sigh" below. What do you think? It's really pretty, and I do like it a lot, it's just not the one I ordered. Should I return it for the Lady or settle? (this is why I never buy anything on line)
Now that I see them side by side I think I know what I have to do, return my Le Sigh. Would still like a 2nd opinion though before e-mailing Dkim.

E-mailed Dkim and she is letting me keep Le Sigh, AND sending me Lady Hitchcock. How nice! What great customer service. Now I will have 3 :)


Douglas said...

i like le sigh better. that tattoo is hot.

LauraB said...

Ok so exactly. Am I tattoo kind of girl, or a wearing a cute red trench with my hair in a bun playing under trees with a melancholy expression kind of girl? I think the latter...