Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Fun

I promised myself I would never apologize for not posting, because that just seems silly. But here I am anyways, apologizing for my lack of posts.

On another note things that got done this weekend:
-Saw a really awful scary movie (The Omen, wouldn't recommend it)
-Bought a really cute vintage fan
-Played ping pong for the 1st time in a long time and LOVED it
-Found the perfect pair of summer wedges (red, will post pics soon)
-Signed the lease to my new apartment in Chicago! Moving 3rd weekend of July all the way from NYC. This entire process was about 1,000 x's easier than finding an apartment in New York. Who knew that brokers could actually be nice, and that sometimes apartments are sold without a one month's fee, and that they'd introduce you to your neighbors who are moving in the same month as we are. Going back to the Midwest is sounding pretty good....

1 comment:

Giokazta said...

Will miss you.
Chicago sucks. (just kidding)