Monday, May 21, 2007

1st Attempt at Stencilling

I created a stencil and used my leftover paints from my lampshade project to do some experimenting. I think I really need darker paint, but I kind of like the result. It's fun how with a stencil you can recreate the same thing over and over in new ways. Here are a few of my trials.Blended the teal and yellow
Yellow on a sheet of paper from a Drug Law History Book, chapter "Where Has All the Acid Gone?"First try, pure yellowThis is actually just the stencil on a Kaballah book I was thinking about tearing up to use underneath the stencil. Decided against it, but this looked kind of cool.

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Douglas said...

looks awesome. The face on the page about acid is pretty great. was it hard to do the stencil?