Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wedding Invitations and a Possible New Project

My Mom and I decided over the phone tonight that we would make my sister's wedding invitations. ( That ok Lee?) I don't think she knows what she wants just yet, but maybe I could help her figure that out. I started looking around online for ideas, and noticed that most invitations seem to look pretty similar no matter where they come from. What do you call this style, where it kind of looks stamped? Letterpress? I'm not sure. I don't even know how we'd achieve this style if we were to do it.

There is simple and organic:
There are frilly, corner, and side designs: Then there's bold, these two are my favorites, especilly the peacock:From top right to bottom left:
Two Paperdolls
Moontree Press
Lucky Paperie
One Blossom
Louella Press
[via Love Made Visible]

Ok Lee, start clicking around!


Sarah said...

Love tehse designs. I adore letterpress, but am not sure you will be able to pull that off with no machinery etc. I dunno, I don't know all that much about it but think you need an actual letter press? But there are so many other good ideas you can do. Cristina Re also has some lovely paper and ideas. Or you can do a jigsaw photo of the couple and send it in a box. Maybe naff, but I think it sounds cute. Looking forward to seeing what you produce!

LauraB said...

That's a good point you raise about needing a letterpress machine :) I was wondering really if we might be able to achieve that affect is all, without getting overly technical and buying any hardcore machinery. Maybe with ink, or stamps or something? The jigsaw puzzle is a cute idea!