Monday, June 4, 2007

Clutch Crazy

Still thinking about a summer clutch. They are sort of annoying to carry around, but look so stylish!
I think my favorite is this blue one with the tassel. All reasonably priced from Amicia Accessories.


Kelly said...

i have a love hate relationship with clutches. as a purse lover, it's only natural that my love would hold true for clutches.. which it does. they are so cute and tine. but i hate that they are so dang impractical! i need a third hand to carry it around all the time. that's why wristlets are nice... but that strap around my wrist is also kinda annoying.

LauraB said...

I feel exactly the same way!! They are so hard to hang on to, especially after a few drinks :) Big bags are so much more practical, but I feel so sex and the city or something when I decide to bring out my clutch.