Monday, June 25, 2007


I don't know when it happened, but I have become fascinated by jellyfish. Something about their bulbous top halves and their spindly bottoms is really intriguing. It seems some artists feel the same way, and I've started to notice a trend.From top right to bottom left: Yellena, Flirt, Melissa Amos Echno print, Jess Gonacha Jelly fish, Sub Studio desing Wabilus membranicarium

Hey, wouldn't these 2 prints look really nice together? I'd like to frame them both in sort of old-looking blonde wood frames.
Red print from Etsy seller Vanillabug (aka blogger Tummy-ache) who I've posted on before.


Sara said...

Ohhh... I think your idea for the two prints is fabulous-- wood and all.

(I agree that jellyfish are fascinating. I was lucky enough to see some was up on the shore as a kid, and something about them has intrigued me ever since.)

p.s. the header you have up now is my favorite of the three so far... Keep, keep!

LauraB said...

Thanks Sara! Glad you like my header. And I think I might just buy these 2 prints and hang them up in my new place.