Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Study Time

Let's see if I can get my thoughts organized around what I'd like my workspace to look like in my new apartment. I've got plenty of ideas, and don't even know where to begin. So here are the basic two ways I could go:

Idea #1:
A colorful desk, painted. I could either use the one I have and paint it, or buy something new and paint it. I have the desk pictured below, but it is white with metal sides. Someone recommended painting it turquoise when I blogged about this desk before, and I love that idea.
I found the desk below at Maine Cottage, and am thinking about possibly buying a new Ikea desk, and painting it to resemble this one, in turquoise :)
Similar (but definitely not as cool) Ikea desk:

Or maybe I would just leave the wood how it is, and paint a small table to put below it like in this picture. I LOVE the way this looks. (from Domino)
Here's my second idea. Maybe I should just buy a nice desk from craigslist or something. I've been wanting to get my hands on a mid century modern dresser, but they are all over my price range. Maybe I could compromise with myself and buy a desk, which are usually priced lower than dressers. Here's a good one. Isn't it so cool?? I think it was priced close to $200.I will have to see what kind of space I have in my new apartment of course first, but I can't help thinking about what it's all going to look like.

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