Thursday, June 7, 2007

Faux Wood

I've written before about my lack of real furniture. Well, today I became a little obsessed with finding myself a mid century modern dresser, and was marveling at the look of real wood, more specifically teak. So when I was at the hardware store on my way home buying cat litter (my roommate and I call this hardware store the "jackpot" because they literally sell everything from shampoo to house paint) I ended up buying some stick on wood. Yep, a wrapping paper size roll of paper made to look like wood. So? What do you think??This "counter" is a shelf that was stained and dirty that I'd flipped on its side for extra kitchen storage. Now the stains are covered up and it looks like wood...well, sort of. This stuff might be kind of addictive, I'm ready to go and cover all of my fake furniture in it!

1 comment:

LaDonna said...

good storage solution!