Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Erica Weiner Jewelry

I really love simple gold necklaces that resemble charm bracelets. The first necklace like this that I wore I had given to myself as a reward for finally finding a job the summer I decided to stay in New York City during college, instead of living at home with parents. (That's not to say my parents weren't seriously helping me out, but at least I was working) But it must have fallen off, because one day the necklace was just gone. Shortly after losing the necklace, I received a beautiful gold chain, with little concentric gold circles as a pendant, from a certain gentleman for graduation. Sadly the clasp broke and I'm afraid to wear it thinking it could just slip off like the first one did.

I know it's just jewelry, but I place a lot of sentimental value into each piece of jewelry I own, and feel sad when it disappears or breaks.
These are just perfect, and at very reasonable prices. Sea Monster (bottom right) is my favorite.
By Erica Weiner. Prices range from $35-$100
[via Notcot]

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