Friday, June 29, 2007

Vintage Dresser #2: Wrong Price Right Size

Ugh. This is stressing me out, and for no good reason. I found this dresser, this time on NY Craigslist (the first one was from Chicago Craigslist). It is the perfect size, upright instead of long. But this one is $229, and I'd have to pay them to deliver it to me. Is that too much, especially since I have a free dresser waiting for me in Chicago if I want it?I'm just really anxious to own a real piece of furniture that's in a style I like. If I buy ONE nice thing for my new apartment I'll be happy.

After posting the dresser on top I did another quick NY Craigslist search and found this too!
Now I'm just getting crazy though, and convincing myself I'm willing to spend more than I really am. This one comes from Adams Unlimited and is $175.

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michelle said...

OOOOh, I like it! And that price is pretty good too.