Monday, June 4, 2007

Monkey Brains and Toba Khedoori

It's highly likely that you have already heard of Monkey Brains (Lisa's Musings) but I came across this blog for the first time tonight. From Monkey Brains I was tipped on to Toba Khedoori, a really interesting artist who uses ink and oil on paper which is starting to become my favorite medium and used in a lot of the art I really connect with. Also, the perspective used in these drawings amazes me. Reminds me of my first art class lesson on perspective, how to use a perspective point, and rulers to meticulously draw my high school hallways. White Castle in the middle of nature, love it.


lisa s said...

hey laura,

i'm sorry i didn't get back to you last night - but i'm so happy to see you blog about toba - i love her work.

and thank you for thinking my windows aren't retarded [although i disagree]. :)

it's very nice to discover your blog!


i love her work.
thanks for the link!