Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jazzing Up Ikea Wardrobe

I have the Ikea wardrobe below, and have grown attached to it. So attached that I'm bringing it to Chicago with me. Yep, even though the back panels are coming off, and the wood on the top is flaking, I'm bringing it with me. It's the only item I own that's taken me over an hour to pick out (remember that, boy who was with me? :) ) and I have grown accustomed to organizing around it, storing shoes below it, and scarves and belts in sweater boxes inside of it. Come to think of it, one of my very firsts posts was about my beloved wardrobe. To read, click here.
On a blog that is new to me, Liquid Blog, there was a post about stencling floors, and there was this image of a wardrobe too...I'm on a stenciling kick, and think this might be a fun project. I have a full length mirror on the left door of the wardrobe, but on the right door, I could stencil a design similar to the one above, possibly in yellow? And then maybe I'll get some small stick on metal hooks, and I could hang some earrings, or belts, or my hooded sweatshirts which I never have a place for. I found the stencil below from Domino's guide to stencilling, it looks a little like the one above. Actually, I think it is the one above! Man I'm good :).If I ever manage to leave work before 11pm (this week has been awful) you can find me in my wardrobe.

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