Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wary Meyers

While reading through sfgirlbybaby's blog I realized that Wary Meyers has a really cool website showcasing various rooms in homes by them (him? her?). I don't know much about Wary Meyers, but I do remember seeing their Portland Maine home make its way around the blogs and I believe in Domino magazine as well.

This Brooklyn NY design is something I really love. It reminds me of certain people with effortless style, who look they weren't trying to look good on purpose.

Oh look! My Mermaid talcum powder from Pearl River is on this dresser.
This shelf reminds me of my bedroom growing up, I had white shelves just like that and would always rearrange them. Never did they look this cool (or did I have hand stencilled wallpaper that pretty!)

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Lisa said...

These rooms you've posted are very cool and colorful! They remind me of an apartment I saw once on 69th and 1st with that Brick exposed wall! Are most buildings in Manhattan like that?