Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pearl River Pretty Things

Pearl River Market on Broadway btw Grand and Mercer is not a secret place. But since I'm on a buy-it-online kick, here are some pretty mostly bathroom items that are available online. I wouldn't recommend using them for their intended purposes (as talcum powder or soap), but rather to decorate with. I use the Mermaid Talcum powder as a Q-tip holder in the bathroom.

$1.50 (not joking)

Facial Powdered booklet $2.50Twin Sister Talcum Powder Set $5.95

PS: Pearl River also has lighting, furniture, kitchen things, and other stuff you didn't know you wanted!

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Fairfax said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pearl River. When ever I am in NYC, I always make a stop there - even when it was in its old location on Canal and you had to hunt to find it!