Monday, April 23, 2007

Inspirational Design

Things you put up around the home, or use every day don't have to just appeal to your aesthetic senses. They can also make you feel happy, make you feel at home, make you feel inspired...they can even make you feel thin! Here's what I mean...

I'm noticing a lot of items out there that are made to make you laugh or smile. Basically they're made to make you feel better about yourself.

Inspirational paperweight
$36 from Fixture Home.

This mirror starts rattling off compliments with "Oh how beautiful you are!" (and for only $100, cheaper than a boyfriend who doesn't notice a new shirt, or haircut)

A scale from the Angry Store, for 35 euros that tells you which celebrity you "weigh like"...I feel like 0 should read Nicole Richie.

Your door will welcome you home. (for $24 from Urban Outfitters)

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