Thursday, April 12, 2007

Re-do of the Small Room

I originally started this blog with the intention of writing about fashion, food AND interior design, but for some reason I've really been fixating on making my place look nicer and pulling together all sorts of new ideas I've found on other sites/blogs. So, I have a new idea for my tiny tiny bedroom that came to me via an Apartmenttherapy posting. Laura (coincidentally) posted pics of her bedroom, and I really love the color scheme, and think I could incorporate it into my own room. Some new curtains I think should give my room some new least until I move in July :)

The inspiration color-scheme: white, red and teal
What I have now

The ingredients:

Anthropologie Lake Mercurius Lamp
West Elm silk curtain, a little too shiny maybe.

Urban Outfitters pillows

Something is not right with this equation but I can't figure out what it is


Julie said...

You have shosen the perfect pieces. Good work girl. It will be perfect once it's done.

Jennifer Ramos said...

hey i think i saw your apartment on apartment therapy that correct??
It looked super cute!!