Friday, April 27, 2007

Thomas Paul Silk Pillows

Ok, inspiration has temporarily returned. SFgirlbybay posted today on some really pretty plates from Velocity Art & Design. My first instinct when I first see websites like these is to go to the sale section, because I can't really afford a $580 print...and look what I found! I'm going to buy the red one...It's $45. Each of these is on sale for either $55.50 or $45. Made from silk.


Mary said...

I love these pillows. I think they'll really pull my bedroom togetther. thanks for flagging them for me!

casapinka said...

Thank you! I've been looking for some lavender pillows for my foyer and that sweet lavender and aubergine one has real potential. So pretty. Great customer service there, too.

Sara said...

These pillows are beautiful. I love Thomas Paul's melamine plates and trays as well. Such great designs.