Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bedroom Redone

I re-did the bedroom today and am actually pretty happy with the result. I found the curtains that I wanted, teal-blue and not shiny at all! $40 from Bed Bath and Beyond. Also picked up 2 Urban Outfitters pillows on sale for $15 each which are reversible. I opted against the more expensive lamp from Anthropologie and instead bought one I'd been liking for awhile. Turns out it's the exact one in the room that inspired me to do this re-do. I'm hoping it doesn't all look to Urban Outfitters, but either way it's better than before.



I decided against the 3 black mirrors (which cost me $3 from Housing Works Thrift Shop). Instead I hung my 60s Puerto Rico Postcards above the bed, and dispersed the mirrors.Nerms was helping me blog and hanging out by the new pillows. She looks so annoyed that I'm on the computer.
This little box was on sale for $10 (also from Urban) which was perfect because I needed a little extra storage for towels and sheets.


Lisa said...

I really like how you moved your mirrors from above your bed to the shelf! Nice idea for changing things around and making your room look more "you!"

Jennifer Ramos said...

I really like the pillows on the adds some pretty color to the room. I think you should add about 2 more though.... :)

LauraB said...

Thanks Jennifer, I will think about adding some more!