Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scott Sanders

Ok, so in magazines celebrities are always being asked to define their style. Somehow they always come up with the perfect answers like, "Oh I'm a eclectic, I love to mix and match vintage pieces with trendy accessories." or "I like classic styles with bold accents." or silly things like that that never really make any sense.

Well, I've been trying to define my own style for some time, mainly just as a guide for myself to figure out what to buy, what to keep lusting for, and what to simply let be.

Enter Scott Sanders...I saw these pictures via Fashion Spinach (I've been on the blog hunt these days) and realized instantly that these were something that fit my style. Now, whether or not I'd decorate my own room in this fashion remains unknown. But I do like...

A beachy room that doesn't incorporate light blue and beadboard.

Vintage colors that are not dated
Crisp lines and bright colors

I'm going to keep these in mind as I proceed in my design/fashion future.

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