Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tiled Headboard

If these were less expensive I'd think about tiling a headboard for my bed. I figure I'd need like 50 or so of them and at $18 that's just not practical. But wouldn't that look so cool and unique?

Found on Apartmenttherapy but from Urban Outiftters.


kentucky said...

I saw some stuff on the internet where they made a headboard out of some large old tin ceiling tiles--similar idea, but they are probably much cheaper. Actually, I am not sure how much they cost, but you could probably just buy 1 or 2.

Just so you know--I've been putting more stuff on my blog and I just created a link to yours!

michelle said...

OHhh, that, that would look very cool, I wonder where you could get some cheeper tiles???

o bicho furioso said...

My boyfriend parents have an headboard all made of different tiles they bought very, very cheap...because they were leftovers!

They are all different and all in blue tones...it works very well...don't have any photos, though!

Here in Portugal is very easy to find tiles, vintage, antiques, new...and at all price ranges!

LauraB said...

Thanks for all the ideas guys. I will have to see what's out there. Just seems kind of time intensive though now that I'm really considering it...Cool that old tiles are so available in Portugal, I'm sure they are so beautiful too.