Friday, September 7, 2007

Fixer Uppers

Awhile ago I got some great stuff to spruce up my room from all over the place: Ikea, Anthropologie and my parent's house. I'm feeling pretty good about the state of things and am happy to finally have my camera back from New York so I can share.

Office/Closet with new Ikea Snille Chair. I hung up some vintage Puerto Rico postcards, and a Chicago map for some color.
My antique dresser with some drawer pulls from Anthropologie. Makes for a good dressing station, though it's kind of cramped at the foot of my bed.This fake velvet lampshade added some plushness (is that a word?) to the room. I also got a fluffy white rug that makes things softer.Oh, and I finally brought back the vintage stepstool from my parent's house. It is too cute. It looks good with our turquoisey pitcher.

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