Thursday, September 27, 2007

Art as Headboard

I have been so super busy lately with school that I have had no time to finish up decorating my room. The one main thing missing is a headboard, or something resembling one. I'm still on to this art as headboard idea. Here are some new pictures I found on Domino that are giving me some new ideas. They are before and afters, which I am a big fan of.

Where can I find a huge piece of artwork that could work as a headboard? Pretty much everything on Etsy is 10" long or wide. Other than Ikea I'm kind of out of ideas.


ma vie en rose said...

I love your ideas! Another suggestion - in Blueprint a couple of months ago they made DIY headboards with wallpaper samples. Here's one example:

In another issue (the one with the small-space makeover) they just hung leftover fabric from a wooden looked pretty fantastic.

Anyways, here's one more suggestion - if you want to find a huge piece of artwork why not buy a big sheet of canvas and DIY? It could be as easy as painting it your favorite hue, as they did in the Domino photo.

Good luck - I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

kara said...

I like the yellow canvas, I have a piece that size that I might paint for over my bed, the other half I painted to use as a chalkboard in my kitchen.
Really it's such a cheap option!!
hope all is well :)

Catherine said...

I like the idea of a canvas painted a nice contrast colour as well, it is pretty simple and cost effective. A lovely big artwork would be great though, what about a concert poster of some kind, some of them are quite arty these days.