Friday, September 7, 2007

Site Design

While I was in New York, I finally got a chance to visit Site Design. I actually get a lot of people on my blog through an old post I did about shops in Astoria Queens, so I am happy to do a little review of this store.

It was a lot smaller than I expected but crammed with some really great stuff. They even had some of my favorite Dkim prints on the wall. I would have loved to be able to bring back this orange chair to Chicago for my desk. The woman working there was extremely helpful and put me in touch with the owner about possibly finding this chair in Chicago. It didn't quite work out, turns out the chair is just a really cool vintage school chair, and she recommended Ebay.
So, overall there are a few pieces of well-priced (under $100 range) vintage furniture, beautiful cards and prints, some fun coasters and other kitchen items, a good variety of pillows covered in scarf material, and beautiful display windows.


Catherine said...

ooh I love stores like that!

treasuring said...

looks like a great little shop! hopefully i'll get to visit one day. i love stores like that. i usually want to buy almost everything. :)

also, i am going to be in chicago for SOFA at the beginning of october... any recommendations for things i shouldn't miss?