Sunday, September 23, 2007

Holiday Leftovers

It's not the norm to have leftovers to take home from a Yom Kippur break the fast family dinner, but my Aunt makes the BEST kugle (koogle?). It's a Jewish noodle, egg, cheese, cinnamon, buttery, casserole with crunchy flakes and noodles on top. The best for brunch the next day.Also, I've been practicing my "food photography" and really trying to see what other people do with their dishes in magazines, blogs etc. It's an interesting aspect of photography that no one really talks about.


Catherine said...

mmm that looks really good! I know what you mean about food photography, it is something that everyone does but no one mentions how they do it, I have often wondered about it myself.

lola said...

thanks for visiting my blog :) check out you might be interested. have a lovely day!

Liss said...

thanks for visiting my blog.

A treasury is a feature of etsy..anyone can make a treasury. And Etsy selects a treasury to use as the front page.
have a look at some here.

I only just found out about them recently too.