Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Domino Gets me Ready for Fall

It seems that when the temperature drops, so does my ability to hold myself back from purchasing all sorts of sweaters and boots. As I've been doing calculus for 3 weeks now, I'm tempted to come up with a formula that represents this function of temperature rates as relating to my bank account...

I have picked some semi-affordable things from Domino's October issue that I'm considering.

Can I get a 2nd opinion on these boots from Revolve clothing? They are cool because they have a hidden wedge, but I'm not sure that wedge is really attractive. I am only 5' so this feature would be beneficial!
This red "groupie" bag from shopintuition is pretty cute, and large! Only $70.Ok, this one's not really "affordable" but I am in love with it. I NEED to find a green coat that fits like this. From new designer yigal azrouel.