Thursday, July 12, 2007


Michelle from Armas Design tagged me. Hm, never been tagged before. The rules are to expose 7 dirty secrets, but I think I'll stick to just regular secrets about myself and then tag 7 other unsuspecting bloggers. (Do I even know 7 other bloggers well enough to tag them?)

Here it goes.

1. My favorite food is cake, and no matter how fat I feel I will never turn down a slice, and will most likely go back for seconds.
2. I'm going to grad school for public policy in the fall, but fantasize about owning a vintage furniture shop, or becoming some sort of designer.

3. I will forever love dogs, but Nerms has turned me into a total cat person. Just look at that face!
4. At random times I'll panic that I haven't practiced the piano, even though I stopped playing over five years ago. I played for 16 years on my parent's Steinway baby grand which my grandpa bought for $500 somewhere in Arizona. It's worth like 70 times that now.

5. I once dressed up as Mozart for Halloween. My mom used to make the best costumes. Another good one was half boy half girl.

6. I can't wait to live alone so I have full reign over decorating the place. I know exactly what it will look like, from the antique claw foot tub I want to buy, to the vase for flowers I'll put on the coffee table.

7. There hasn't been a weekend in years that I haven't bought an article of clothing or some sort of object for my home. I don't go crazy spending money, the item can be a $3 vase at a thrift store, but I just love new things.

Ok, I'm going to tag just a few people whom I'd like to know more about. I don't want to pressure anyone into doing this though, so maybe there's no need to say 7 things, just anything you feel like sharing at the moment!

-Sarah from Favourito (though I think you might have been tagged recently)
-Karen C from Happy Cavalier
-Nanikaa from Nanikaa


D said...

8. Laura will NEVER restock a bathroom with toilet paper when it has run out.

LauraB said...

Ok #8 is true. You got me.

Sarah said...

Laura you don't re-stock the toilet paper? I'm shocked!
But a tag, how fun. Thanks! I will do it over the weekend.
Have a good one :)

Joanna Goddard said...

that is so funny and cute -- i love that you dressed up as mozart! and i know exactly what you mean about wanting to live alone so you can have full decorating reign. it would be awesome!