Monday, July 2, 2007


I stumbled onto the Flickr group "Corners of My Home" and think some of these photos are fantastic. It's as if they are each a photographic still life. Why go through all the trouble of getting out the charcoal or the paints or whatever, when you can just snap a camera?Ha, ok that last one's mine. Trying to get my photo skills up to par. Clearly, I'm not there yet.


michelle said...

Oh, I just love looking at other people's homes, I am such a sucker for that, can't help it.

Sarah said...

I've got an old fan just like your one!

LauraB said...

Sarah: that's so funny, yeah I found that one on the street, some man having an informal sale so it was $5 and I repainted it.

Michelle: I'm a total peeper too, I love looking at other people's homes!