Thursday, July 26, 2007

Everything Inching Towards Its Right Place

My 5 or 6 boxes of stuff that had been picked up over 2 weeks ago in New York finally arrived in Chicago today. I was so excited to finally move in, for real, after 5 days of living here. Here's what I've been doing all day, and why I wasn't on the blogs at all. (Oh, and I took my grandmother couch shopping which took about 5 hours, yikes).

My first time using a drill, I hung that floating shelf up myself. I'm thinking of adding another. I have all of this artwork and knickknacks out trying to figure out what I like where. Still wishing that dresser had some mid-century modern flair. Some things are just un-poofable it seems.
The office closet in the making. I'm eventually going to get a piece of wood to use as a desk, and add one more shelf. Also going to store my bags somewhere else. Wouldn't a flat screen tv be nice? Oh, and I'm painting that bright blue chair a darker brown.
I do like the way this one corner turned out, though the rest of the "office" needs some work.


kara said...

I love that dresser, but for that room I'm thinking if there was some way to paint it white it would fit much more with the vibe. Maybe eventually move it elsewhere and put a white cabinet there. Im in major new apartment color crisis mode, sigh!

LauraB said...

Kara you are totally right about that dresser. Too bad it belongs to my mom and she won't let me paint it! I've been on the lookout though for a cheap vintagey one to replace it. I am sympathizing with your color crisis.

michelle said...

So cool! using a drill is fun, I love it, so far your place is looking great.