Thursday, July 26, 2007

Billy vs. Expedit

I know I'm like the Expedit's #1 fan, but look at how Lorena and Esteban (from At's house tour) use the billy bookcase and make it look cool. They put them up next to each other, with shelf heights varying, in their office and even in their kitchen! Currently there are 5 black billy bookcases on my deck outside left from the previous owner of my apartment. I'd love to find a great way like this to incorporate them in our place.


Sarah said...

I'm a Billy fan. Too bad we don't have IKEA here yet because my books and cds are screaming for a good/better home. Did you end up using the black Billy bookshelves?

LauraB said...

That's too bad there's no Ikea, it is quite a place. I did use the black ones, I put one on each side of our main couch. I'd take pictures but right now the main couch is a green 80s leather loveseat :) so I'm waiting until it's a litle more put together.

Sarah said...

You should take pictures now and then you can post the before and after later. :)